Hi, we're James and Kenzie

personal trainers working to...
- support you
- push you
- help you fight life's toughest battles

Being apart of other personal training businesses in the past,  James was able to extrapolate the components he felt were crucial- while leaving behind the parts he felt were unethical or ineffective. Our most prominent value for fortitude is very simple- PEOPLE FIRST. We will do pretty much anything necessary to help our clients, no matter how unorthodox. In the past we have done everything from going grocery shopping with my clients to talking on the phone about what the best option on the menu would be for them while they're at a restaurant or bar! We don't just want to be your trainer. We want to be your coaches, supporters, and friends.


we work with clients to help them:



Hi guys, we're James and Kenzie! When we're not training our amazing clients or going on adventures, I usually spend my time training martial arts, and Kenzie is always thrift shopping or recording podcast episodes. We also have a borderline obsession with philosophy so if we randomly ask your beliefs on the meaning of life in between sets of squats- don’t be alarmed. Getting to know my clients on a personal level and pouring into their lives is my absolute favorite part of running fortitude.

My love for personal training originally came from my own fitness journey years ago. I grew up overweight and did all the wrong things in order to lose weight. I ended up becoming anorexic for over a year due to my uninformed attempts at fitness. Once I took it upon myself to get educated on nutrition and exercise science, It blew me away how simple and enjoyable building muscle and losing fat could be. My goal is to share my knowledge with as many people as possible so that they don't have to make the same mistakes i did in order to get to their goals and gain their confidence back.